Disrupting the
Agriculture Sector

Spydar is disrupting the Agriculture sector by digitizing manual operations of farms using emerging 4IR Technologies

4IR Technologies


Agriculture Sector

Spydar utilizes advanced technology to provide disruptive solutions for the health sector. With a wide rande of partners in the agriculture sector we have a broad understanding in developing custom and ready-made solutions. Our global spread research and development team are also constantly building and developing on better solutions for the sector.

Our Expertise

Energy - Solar Trackers

Energy which is a very important segment in keeping automations in farms alive is why we've prototyped Solar trackers for farms to be able to make the most out of solar energy by not just waiting for the sun but following the sun all day.

Spydar Solar Trackers
Drones - Aerial Monitoring

Spydar has built custom basic cameras for monitoring the field / livestocks, Intelligent cameras – motion detection with buzz / alarm and smart fishery. We also have custom drones for Spraying of pesticides and spreading of seeds.

Spydar Agricultural Drones
IOT - Smart Irrigation

We're enabling smart irrigation with our technology for farm owners to remotely operate irrigation systems using Smart irrigation controllers (Sensors / Forecasts / Plant-care information) to detect Soil moisture / leaf wetness / Temperature based automation.

Spydar Irrigation Product
IOT/AI - Smart Automation

Spydar enables Aerial planting techniques to sow seeds, Pest detection using Infrared sensors and Harvesting techniques for crop readiness detection and automation

Spydar Agriculture Automations

Our goal at Spydar is to make life easy for every business we partner with, we're looking forward to adding value to your farms with custom solutions to suit your demands.

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