Disrupting the
energy Sector

Spydar is disrupting the Energy sector with emerging technologies by innovating on solutions that spreads across the entire value chain from the manufacturers to the end-consumers.

Energy Technology

Energy Sector

Spydar utilizes advanced technology to provide disruptive solutions for the Energy sector, we're fully commited to adding value to Africa with renewable energy solutions. With a wide rande of partners in the renewable energy sector we have a broad understanding in developing custom and ready-made IoT solutions. Our global spread research and development team are also constantly building and developing on better solutions for the sector.

Our Expertise

Internet Of Things

The energy sector is undergoing a massive transformation. Along with solar, wind, storage and other technologies, Spydar is utilizing the internet of things in helping to drive this transformation. We're revolutionizing nearly every part of the industry from generation to transmission to distribution and changing how energy companies and customers interact.


Spydar uses drones to conduct a complete thermal inspection. Using IR camera's, we identify sub-module hotspots that manual inspections might miss, Our Drone data is uploaded into an interactive, easy-to-use online web map and can also be sent to a smartphone app for use by maintenance and repair personnel in the field.

AI - Electro Mobility

An increase in e-cars offers opportunities and challenges. The charging of electric cars must be coordinated, but at the same time, they offer the possibility of storing electricity and stabilizing the grid, for example by adjusting the charging demand to price signals and availability. Spydar uses AI to help by monitoring and coordinating.

IoT - Remote Asset Monitoring and Management

Spydar Affixes IoT sensors to generation, transmission and distribution equipments to energy companies monitor it remotely. These sensors measure parameters such as vibration, temperature and wear to optimize maintenance schedules. This preventative maintenance approach can significantly improve reliability by keeping equipment in optimal equipment and providing the opportunity to make repairs before it fails.

AI - Power Consumption

Consumers, intelligently connected in the electricity system, can contribute to a stable and green electricity grid. Smart home solutions and smart meters already exist, but they are not yet widely used. In a smart networked home, the networked devices react to prices on the electricity market and adapt to household usage patterns in order to save electricity and reduce costs. One example is smart networked air conditioning systems. They react to prices on the electricity market by boosting their output when electricity is abundant and cheap. By analyzing user data, they can also include information about user preferences and time windows in their calculations.

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