Disrupting the

Spydar is disrupting the Logistics sector by developing comprehensive designed solutions with strict quality control to ensure the best Products.

Logistics Technology


Spydar utilizes advanced technology to provide disruptive solutions in the logistics sector. With a wide rande of strategic partners in the sector we have a broad understanding in developing custom and ready-made solutions. Our global spread research and development team are also constantly building and developing on better solutions for the sector.

Our Expertise

Products Tracking

Using RFID technology Spydar helps businesses in the Ecommerce sector keep track of their inventories through barcodes and their scanners respectively.

Artificial Intelligence

Spydar uses AI/ML/NLP to boost productivity in businesses by implementing Optimized routing and scheduling, Smart fleet and staff management, Vehicle maintenance prediction, Traffic prediction and real-time updates and Supply chain automation.

Automated Robots

The ecommerce sector is fully dependent on a warehouse, so we enhance productivity in the sector by developing autonomous robots for more efficiency in limited time.

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