Robotics Technology

Spydar offers advanced robots for a wide range of sectors to provide more efficiency and automated proccessing.

Robotics Solutions Spydar is key on constantly innovating robots that increases efficiency and productivity for your business.

Spydar Robotics

Our Expertise

Industrial Robots

Spydar offers industrial robots in a wide range of versions with various payload capacities and reaches. Our spectrum of products also includes the appropriate robot peripheral equipment – from linear units to end effectors. Combined with cutting-edge software and innovative controllers, we develop individual solutions for your manufacturing processes together with you. Whether for maximum speeds behind the safety fence of your system, as a mobile solution for your Industrie 4.0 requirements, or for direct collaboration between humans and machines in HRC operation.

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Consumer Robots

Making advanced robots human friendly is the reason we're building robots that support STEM for learning and robots thats serves as a buddy or play partner for everyone.

Medical Robots

Spydar is key on constantly innovating medical robots that increases efficiency and productivity for hospitals, We Combine cutting-edge software and mobile apps to make them more user friendly, and we are your one-stop company to providing custom solutions for your next project.

Autonomous Robots

Combining Computer vision with a wide range of sensors we develop custom made autonomous robots to suite your business needs, we are very flexible enough to customize our products for any sectors demand.

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