Disrupting the
Security Sector

Spydar is a Security concious company with a 100% attention on security for the data of our people, partners, products and the solutions we offer.

Security Sector

Cyber Security

Spydar utilizes advanced technology to provide disruptive solutions for the Security sector, we've partnered With a wide rande of experts in the security sector so as to ensure the security of businesses. Our global spread research and development team are also constantly building and developing on better solutions for the sector.

Our Expertise

Cyber Security

Using RFID technology Spydar helps businesses in the Ecommerce sector keep track of their inventories through barcodes and their scanners respectively.

Penetration Testing

Spydar primary goal of Pen test is to identify weak spots in organization's security posture, as well as measure the compliance of their security policy, test the staff's awareness of security issues and determine whether -- and how -- the organization would be subject to security disasters.

Databse Security

Spydar helps your business overcome resource limitations to uncover database configuration errors, access control issues, missing patches, and other weaknesses that could lead to data leakage and misuse and other repercussions.

Software Testing

Testing (penetration testing & security testing) helps in product security to preventing hackers from gaining unauthorized access to data. which can result in theft of user information. Spydar gives your product security assurance as Users always look for trusted products.

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